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Safety Engineer in Auburn Hills, MI at Valiant TMS

Date Posted: 4/5/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Coordinate all activities associated with the implementation and compliance to customer safety standards on all of the equipment, including machines, tools and manufacturing and assembly lines designed and built by ValiantTMS-NA. The Engineer will also be responsible for understanding the safety requirements, training the necessary  personnel in the design and build of the equipment to provide a safe working environment for the operators and maintenance personnel of such equipment. The person will also be responsible for the development of processes, procedures and any systems and tools associated with the implementation of such safety consciousness within the Company.

• Assist Valiant personnel in the understanding and implementation of customer safety standards.
• Ensure that customer safety standards being used by ValiantTMS-NA for design and audit of design are current.
• Review customer standards and identify any weaknesses in the standards that may result in exposure of personnel to sources of harm that can be prevented.
• Review customer standards and identify any weaknesses in the standards that may result in exposure of personnel to sources of harm that cannot be prevented at unacceptable probability of exposure levels.
• Develop component based, ValiantTMS-NA Safety Design Guidelines in cooperation with ValiantTMS-NA engineers that meet the following criteria:
o Compliant with customer safety standards;
o Prevent exposure to sources of harm due to component that can be prevented;
o Limit the probability of exposure to sources of harm due to component that cannot be prevented to acceptable levels.
• Develop Valiant safety audit that audits compliance with the ValiantTMS-NA Safety Design Guidelines.
• Perform safety audits on all machines, tools, equipment, automated manufacturing lines and systems designed and built by ValiantTMS-NA.
• Coordinate the development and maintenance of Safety Risk Assessments and Safety Audits that are generic to ValiantTMS-NA and specific to customers to meet their safety standards, for all systems designed and build by Valiant
• Coordinate all response to internal and external customer identified non-conformance to Safety standards and regulatory requirements

Employee Relations
• Develop and maintain an open communications channel with the employees and be responsive to their needs and concerns
• Provide an environment of praise, trust and responsibility where employees are positively motivated to do a good job and are able to build for the future through assistance, direction, guidance and establishing training programs.
• Promote a high level of safety consciousness in all the activities that ValiantTMS-NA does.
• Ensure that employees have the knowledge; skills and abilities to function efficiently and effectively at their job function and achieve a high level of productivity. Assist personnel in problem solving ensure that employee discipline is in accordance with the company policy of progressive and documented discipline
• Promote a general attitude of team work and mutual respect among employees
• Establish a training program for each level of Engineering. Promote growth within the department

Operations Management
• Establish organizational objectives, policies and programs for Safety of Products and Services from ValiantTMS-NA in relation to corporate policies
• Coordinate activities, manpower and resources for ensuring Safety of the Products and Services from ValiantTMS-NA utilizing schedules, flow charts or similar communication according with company capacity to meet and maintain the delivery schedule

• In conjunction with management, plan the activities of your department for the current period, the future and the long range by setting goals and priorities. Keep your immediate supervisor informed to ensure these goals are achieved through planning and they are coordinated with the corporate agenda
• Plan your work-force utilization as it relates to work loads, overtime, holiday, vacations and emergencies
• In conjunction with management, plan the layout, equipment and atmosphere of your department
• Participate in special assignments, such as sales presentations, technical sales support and handling customers on plant tours, training, order follow-up and in-plant equipment review

Implementation of Procedures
• Ensure that corporate policies and procedures related to Safety are implemented within your facility
• Ensure that the employees within your area of responsibility understand and adhere to the corporate policies and procedures as related to Safety
• To develop processes and coordinate the implementation of such processes to ensure that all systems designed and built by ValiantTMS-NA meets and/or exceeds Safety requirements from all sources and regulatory agencies.
• Has the authority and obligation to stop production in case unsafe working conditions are observed. Has the obligation to notify the immediate supervisor and Senior Management for Safety related matters requiring immediate attention

Job Requirements

• A bachelor of Applied Science or Mechanical Engineering degree or equivalent from a recognized University is preferred or an Associate Degree/ Engineering Diploma, preferably with a specialization in design and drafting, from a recognized Community College. Equivalent experience as assessed by the Hiring Manager may also be considered in place of Degree/Diploma.
• Demonstrated and proven problem solving skills; excellent observational and communication (both verbal and written) skills.
• Ability to rapidly decompose a machine station in order to determine the sources of harm exposure that must be prevented if possible and limited to an acceptable level if it is not possible to prevent the exposure;
• Ability to interpret and facilitate application of regulatory standards, customer safety standards and ISO 12100 “Safety of Machinery – general principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction;
• Knowledge of OSHA standards;
• A minimum of 5+ years of direct experience in automotive, aerospace, construction and or forestry vehicles/equipment manufacturing industries. In the automotive manufacturing industry, specific experience focused in any one or more of the following areas is highly recommended: body in white welding and assembly, closure hanging, final assembly, or material handling in manufacturing plants
• Leadership abilities in coordinating and sharing information with all departments within ValiantTMS-EU and NA and also across various Global divisions of the ValiantTMS and HCD Group
• Ability to work together and build teamwork with other department personnel and peers across the Global ValiantTMS divisions including partners under the HCD Group.
• Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high pressure environment
• Ability and willingness to travel to any of the customers sites anywhere in the world and to any of the various Company’s Global work locations, as required by Management
• Must be willing to work extended hours and motivate team to work the same hours, when necessary, including overtime, weekends and holidays and on night shift, as project and customer demands dictate
• Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills to communicate ideas and new technologies to peers, Senior Management and customers alike
• Eligibility for clearance under the Canadian Controls Goods and the American ITAR requirements to work on Military related projects as necessary.


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