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Quality Iteration Engineer in Auburn Hills, MI at Valiant TMS

Date Posted: 6/11/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

• Work with OEM in the early stage of product development to establish a robust locator scheme that will enable all processes to meet the tolerance requirements of the GD&T. These activities are:
• MDM reviews
• Internal locator reviews with Valiant design and the Customer M.E.
• GD&T Reviews with Customer
• Modifications of product if necessary
• Understand and apply GD&T to the design of checking fixtures and assembly tools.
• Ensure continuity between stamping, hemming and welding fixtures in locator strategy.
• Develop individual Quality Performa for each program.
• Development of this Performa is done in a linked excel format.
• Performa correlates with supplied Customer CMM program and measuring points.
• Performa is used initially by Die partner for early data reporting to Valiant and ongoing reporting of improvements from die mods.
• At the assembly level, manual data collection is performed by Valiant personnel at our facilities and the assembly plant. CMM reporting by OEM on our tools replaces the manual data collection as launch progresses.
• Review D.O.L. with stamping team and verify that die process supports locator strategy. Review die ops to verify gage holes and manufacturing holes are done in the proper sequence.
• Prepare the design line up for the PCF (assembly part checking fixtures or match fixt), get quotes, place job. Follow design and build. Assume the lead role in buyoff of PCF's, checking fixtures.
• Contribute to the issue matrix for dimensional related concerns, i.e. locators and product design problems that need improvement to insure that Valiant is able to achieve quality targets.
• Assume the lead as the single point of contact for dimensional and quality to both the Valiant team and the OEM.
• Assume the lead role to develop Quality Plan specific to each program. (Customer requirement) Interface with OEM program timing and Valiant Manufacturing Planning.
• Attend design reviews, concept meetings and all functions where tooling and process to be discussed will have a direct or indirect impact on Quality.
• Using data, recommend die mods to die source. The use of full white light type scanning will be used where logistics permit and the use of that technology is needed.
• Be a resource to the build team to determine what tools, conveyors, end effectors need SMX verification and adjustment. This is to eliminate unneeded SMX costs and reduce downstream SMX charges for tools that should have been certified at build.
• Be a resource to the build team to troubleshoot problems with tools/ parts that are not meeting dimensional and repeatability targets.
• Perform R&R studies on all geo tools using the OEM’s preferred method. Either drill hole or laser tracker will be used. We will be verifying that tooling 101 procedures were used, i.e. checking clamp pressures, etc.
• Assist in improving quality of component parts used in our assemblies by providing input to die mods for those parts.
• Understand all parts and processes associated with tooling and if required, assist in tuning geo tools.
• Oversee and evaluate R&R studies on tooling while at Valiant to determine capability of tool prior to shipment to customer.
• Recommend changes to tooling where needed to correct any deficiencies in range of R&R.
• Assist launch at plant to support the major quality events.
• Recommend die mods.
• Communicate die mods to die partner and provide communication to OEM on planned die mods to facilitate a good working relationship and a nominal part.
• Evaluate die mod for completeness at assembly plant.
• Assume the lead role in the decision making process to get Valiant parts and assemblies to nominal or if the customer requires, to fit the body build requirements indicated in ETAC reviews and communicated by the OEM.
• Continue to be engaged in quality improvements until OEM targets are met.
• Assist in training and mentoring of other Valiant employees in the area of dimensional and quality as required.
• Evaluate surface quality throughout the launch process to ensure that it meets Customer requirements. Document and communicate concerns to the appropriate source. Evaluate panels after corrective actions have been taken.

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Skills:
• Engineering degree is preferred but an equivalent degree with sufficient experience in Engineering disciplines, specifically in Machine & Tool Manufacturing, will be considered.

- Journeyman Toolmaker, Die maker or fixture builder preferred. 
- Six Sigma training and/or Greenbelt certification preferred. Other problem solving methodology training and certifications will be considered. Familiarity with ISO, TS, QS and AS Quality requirements is preferred.
- Knowledge of the automotive industry and its Quality requirements is highly recommended. Experience in the machine tool industry is preferable.
- Demonstrated leadership and team building skills and ability to coordinate teams across cross-functional disciplines are required
- Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills a must
- Ability to effectively communicate (oral and written).
- Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
- Ability to work harmoniously with others promoting a team atmosphere.
- Ability to bring assigned tasks to closure.
- The incumbent must be quality–focused, detail-focused and well-organized.
- A willingness and ability to travel within North America and internationally for short periods of time when required to assist with tooling dimensional issues.